Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bumble foot?

Bumble foot.. No one wants it.

I had come into once. I never want to go threw it AGAIN.
It starts out as a cut or crack on the ducks foot which can get all kinds of gunk in it. Small stones, dirt, pine tree needles, anything that can manage its way in there and you would be surprised what they get in there. Some ducks may need to see a vet to have the bumble surgically worked on. Most times if you can't afford a surgery or if it's not severe or very large you can do it yourself! There are videos of "bumble foot surgery" all over youtube. I know my vet didn't want to open it up and go in, said "it wasn't bad enough". So I went home with the directions to take Epsom salt and make it into a paste, let my duck sit in the tub in warm water  to allow the scab to soften, then peel the scab off  pull what ever I could out and then apply the paste and wrap the foot with gauze and medical wrap. I have found that the vet wrap for horse legs that self adheres works amazing and can be found at Tractor supply or related livestock store. It didn't do much, then again my ducks case of bumble foot in my eyes was pretty bad! So I was instructed to go back for a "home made" paste from the vet... drove back out and came home. Applied it. Still nothing! So I gave up on going to the vet since I was then ignored. I had to preform a surgery of my own. It is not for the faint of heart!
You need a disinfected scalpel, paper towels, regular towel, tweezers (both pointed and flat headed),a syringe without the needle, gauze and wrap.

Find a quiet room where no one can disrupt you or make loud noises to scare the duck. Disinfect the table you choose to use. The paper towels will be used to wipe the blood as you go. The regular towel will be to lightly cover the ducks eyes to help calm it. The syringe you can fill with a Epsom salt mixture to help spray into the wound to clear the blood so you can get a look for the "core". You can ask advice from a vet on how to exactly go about doing it.

After doing the surgery my duck didn't want to be in the house with us humans any more and decided to escape the cage and run down the steps to her friends! So she spent a few more weeks in the house and then allowed outside.

That was over a year ago and she is no longer limping! And she has been healthy since!


  1. I am soaking my duck but he keeps trying to swim in the epsom salt bath and eat the salts. Is that safe?

  2. I know this post is old, but I'm not sure if it is safe or not, but I've been trying to fix my ducks bumblefoot for three weeks and she's been sipping on it. Doesn't seem to affect her.